Urgent update on hungry dogs… we now have 2,558 waiting in line.

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There is a once in a blue moon opportunity to help hungry street dogs in South Africa! 2558 dogs URGENTLY need your help, right away! Here’s the extraordinary situation… Here’s the extraordinary situation… In November last year, a massive truck carrying 30 tons of top-quality dog food overturned on a road near Malmesbury in South […]

Honor Betty White’s 100th birthday by saving an animal’s life today!

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By now you will have heard the news that broke all our hearts. Legendary actress and lifelong animal welfare icon Betty White has died at the age of 99. Today would have been Betty’s 100th birthday. And all around the world, bighearted Betty fans and devoted animal lovers like you have been donating to help […]

JUST HOURS to go! It’s down to the wire…

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In case you missed it, watch NFA 2021 Achievements Part 1 here. The holidays are upon us, and what a year it’s been! The triumphs… there were so many. Please read on… The tragedies… the abuse… the suffering. Sadly, cruelty to animals is an everyday occurrence. But facing the unspeakable head-on, rescuing and caring for […]

Can you believe they crush dogs like pancakes WHILE ALIVE?

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In the African nation of Mali, thousands of dogs are cruelly abused before being sold in open markets for humans to eat. The dog meat trade, most commonly associated with certain Asian countries, is one of the most horrific and stomach-churning animal welfare issues in the world and shockingly, this brutal and inhumane trade is […]