Street dogs being purposely hit by cars, shot and poisoned

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What we are about to share with you is SO sickening and brutal. But we must tell you about this because every day the most dreadful cruelty to dogs is routinely dished out – often it seems for the sheer “pleasure” of torturing animals. We need to stand together NOW for the dogs of Jordan! […]

Will YOU be part of one of the largest-ever projects to save stray dogs?

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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc for homeless animals around the world. But in a remote corner of Thailand, street dogs are facing heartbreaking – and deteriorating – conditions. We urgently need your support today for an ambitious project that could literally save their precious lives, in the THOUSANDS! As the months of […]

Their faithful friend got cancer. So, they THREW HIM OUT!

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We will never, ever know how anyone could wake up one day and decide to simply abandon the sweet and gentle dog or cat who has loved them and stood by them like family. But Jack’s story will leave you even angrier. He was discarded like trash because he got cancer! We URGENTLY need your […]

Local cat lovers have begged for our help! WE INTEND TO HELP!

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Cat lovers are extraordinary people who have a unique relationship with these beautiful, loving creatures. As cat lovers ourselves, we are asking for your help today to bring health and safety to the street cats of an entire Greek island. They need help right now. The small and rugged island of Ithaca is famous in […]