I realize I don’t write to you often. But today, I have BIG NEWS, and as a faithful friend to animals AND a friend to Network for Animals, you’re invited to be part of it.

I’m inviting you to celebrate your profound love for animals while honoring the iconic founder of Network for Animals and tireless animal activist Brian Davies, with a donation today to Brian’s 86th birthday on February 4th.

You’re invited! 1

As you know, the need to help the abused and exploited animals we work so hard to save is ALWAYS urgent. Under the harsh conditions of COVID-19, the level of animal suffering and shortage of support is growing more desperate by the day.

Please, now if you can, donate $86… $43… or even $21.50 to help NFA do more good in more places for more animals who are hurting – and help give Brian the birthday of a lifetime.

As a caring friend to animals AND to Network for Animals, you may already know about how iconic Brian’s contribution to the animal welfare movement has been.

But having fought beside Brian for decades to save animals in places that other organizations won’t dare to travel, I can tell you, his determination is truly tireless to always put animals first.

We’ve been shot at, chased, threatened, and even entered the Fukushima, Japan nuclear fallout zone to help suffering animals. It’s ALL thanks to hardworking, compassionate supporters like YOU. That’s why I turn to you now

You’re invited! 2

Honor your love for animals AND honor legendary NFA founder Brian Davies’ birthday by giving even 25 cents, 50 cents, or one dollar for each of his 86 incredible years. You can help us ensure that this legacy of ending animal suffering continues.

That’s a donation of just $21.50… $43… or $86 now, for the animals. Time is of the utmost essence: will you join me? Please say your answer is YES!

I wish you could see the passion in Brian’s eyes, and in his beloved wife Gloria’s eyes too, when they’re able to put boots on the ground in another remote location for animals in need.

Whether it’s horrifically exploited donkeys in southern Africa and Greece… battered fighting horses and terrified “meat dogs” in the Philippinesabandoned cats in Japan’s nuclear fallout zonehelpless trafficked baby elephants in far-flung places… or animals of all shapes and sizes caught in the wake of global disasters from hurricanes to wildfires to volcanic eruptions, NFA is “wheels up” and on the move with remarkably effective local partners at our shoulder.

You’re invited! 3

You’re a partner in this, too.

In fact, if not for your generosity, none of this work – none of what Brian Davies has been able to achieve for animal welfare all these years (since the 1960s!) – could happen. It is truly astounding!

You only turn 86 once, and it’s my great wish to show Brian just how much he’s loved and how much his contribution to saving animals is honored.

Nothing would make him happier, than to know how much you love animals.

You’re invited! 4

Please, will you donate $86, $43, or even $21.50 now, today, to express your love for even the most abused animals, and to honor NFA founder Brian Davies 86th birthday?

Please say you will. You’ll bring Brian so much joy – and change the life of countless waiting animals in the year to come.

You’re invited! 5

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message. And thank you, now and forever, for your fighting spirit and for your big heart for animals.

I’m so glad to know you’re by our side!

For the animals,

You’re invited! 6

David Barritt
Executive Director
Network for Animals

P.S. Please honor your love for animals and be part of Brian’s once in a lifetime birthday celebration by donating even 25 cents, 50 cents, or one dollar for each of his 86 incredible years. That’s a donation of just $21.50… $43… or $86 now, for the animals. Will you join me? Please say your answer is YES!