Death Knell for Seal Hunt?

Death Knell for Seal Hunt? 1

A recent Russian trade ban is set to have terminal consequences for the Canadian seal hunt. At last our longest running campaign appears to be over. Following decades of international pressure from animal welfare groups, celebrities and politicians, for the first time ever, Canadian politicians and media have started talking about whether the seal hunt […]

Huntwatch: The Fight For Seals

Huntwatch: The Fight For Seals 2

This Saturday 14th November, Huntwatch premieres in New York, documenting our founder Brian Davies’ epic fight against the Canadian seal cull. Narrated by Ryan Reynolds and produced by IFAW, the film takes a graphic and inspiring look at the decades long battle for seals, featuring enlightening first hand stories from Brian, and many of the […]

Canada, Stop Hunting Our Seals

Canada, Stop Hunting Our Seals 3

The barbaric seal cull, painting Canadian ice blood red each year, is normally thought of as an archaic Canadian venture. The Canadian government cites culling seals as “an important part of the way of life” for nationals living in and around their coastal regions. The country’s governors stand by the slaughter with a sense of […]


canadian-fish-boycott 4

My fight to save seals began years ago, thousands of miles from my Welsh hometown. I had immigrated to Canada and served six years in the Canadian Army before joining the New Brunswick SPCA. I remember vividly the letter from Canada’s Fisheries Department that changed my life. >> CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE PLEDGE >> A small […]

Stop this horrible seal cull.

Stop this horrible seal cull. 5

Our founder Brian Davies has been defending seals from slaughter for almost five decades. In 1987 he and his team were the catalyst for a vitally important ban on the culling of baby whitecoat seals. That victory saved more than 2.5 million seals, and remains one of the greatest animal welfare achievements the world has ever known. Unfortunately, […]

Evidence Lacking for Canada’s Seal Hunt

Evidence Lacking for Canada's Seal Hunt 6

The Canadian government argue that seal numbers need to be controlled to protect fish stocks, blaming seals for the low numbers of cod in the oceans around Canada. The Canadian government’s solution? To take to the ice and viciously beat to death helpless young seals, covering Canadian ice floes with blood. [box] Join our boycott […]

Climate Change is Killing Seals – Canada Doesn’t Need To

Climate Change is Killing Seals - Canada Doesn't Need To 7

Earlier this year our founder, Brian Davies, was set to return to the Canadian ice. 2016 marks 50 years since Brian first began his brave crusade against the brutal Canadian seal hunt. However, this year there was no ice to go to. The ice floes around the Madeleine islands, where seals give birth to their […]