NFA Podcast April 21, 2020

Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary

A terrible scourge of bush racing is sweeping through rural South Africa, causing enormous suffering for horses. Even babies only a few weeks old are raced until they collapse from exhaustion! In this time of the corona crisis, we are being flooded with urgent requests to help animals from all over the world. We are […]

NFA Podcast April 7, 2020

Street dogs desperately need your help

The corona crisis has placed street dogs in frightening danger all around the world. Most countries are in some form of lockdown, and street dogs are in deep trouble – they depend on volunteers and animal lovers to feed them. Many depend on you and NFA. We are receiving URGENT pleas for EMERGENCY help from […]

NFA Podcast March 30, 2020


In the midst of corona misery, thanks to you, there is some good news! 250 donkeys SAVED from starvation! This crisis will be with us for a while, and who knows how long the lockdown will last? A monumental challenge remains!

NFA Podcast March 27, 2020


Thanks to your amazing support we have raised enough money for the first trucks of fodder.  Food is being delivered as we write this. Yet, we still don’t have enough! The good news is that we have got special dispensation to break the lockdown and get one last delivery of food this weekend. If we […]

NFA Podcast March 26, 2020


The Karoo Donkey Sanctuary, where we support 250 donkeys rescued from the Chinese donkey skin trade, is in a corona crisis! South Africa is going into total lockdown and the only fodder supplier in the area is closing. We have less than 24 hours to secure food or donkeys could starve!

NFA Podcast March 24, 2020

Ghost Dogs

The government estimates that more than 870,000 animals suffered abuse in Greece last year and that the country has more than one million homeless dogs. In recent years, Greece has been among the countries with the highest rates of animal maltreatment, despite improvements in legislation imposing stricter penalties for animal abusers. The coronavirus means things […]

NFA Podcast March 10, 2020

Israel Podcast

In Israel, a haven for abused horses and donkeys is being forced to close. Innocent lives are in danger because they are being evicted from their sanctuary. The animals have been safe and loved at the Starting Over shelter in Kefar Yona, an area north of Tel Aviv. These creatures have already known lives of […]

NFA Podcast March 3, 2020


On the Indian ocean island of Mauritius, tourists enjoy year-round sunshine at resorts with beautiful white beaches fringed by palm trees… Many call it “paradise,” but it is no paradise for the thousands of street dogs who live on the island – they are brutally treated and always hungry and sick. They have lives of […]